Cessna Aircraft Company is the world’s leading business jet manufacturer.

Pure spent time with company historians, walking factory floors, and even followed employees home to create a Cessna Book that captured the essence of the brand.

When CEOs of the big three automakers flew to Washington DC in $50 million dollar private planes asking Congress for a bailout, business aviation became the instant poster child for corporate excess.

But the truth is, the vast majority of Cessna Citation jets carry mid-level managers, technicians and vital manufacturing parts to places that are difficult to reach by large international airports. They keep manufacturers running, and make tens of thousands of businesses more productive on a daily basis.

Pure created advertising to support its customers and make the case for business aviation. Within hours of the launch, mainstream media had picked up on the story and the conversation around business jets changed. Even Rush Limbaugh spent the bulk of a radio show talking about our campaign.

Nearly four years later, Cessna receives requests for reprints of this campaign. And Forbes magazine recently selected it as one of the three best ads ever for entrepreneurial action.

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